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My free 5-step guide takes you a big step closer to a branded, personal website that attracts the people you are here to serve.

Do you want to set up a website?

And don´t you know where to begin?

As a spiritual entrepreneur you are probably overwhelmed by the choices of website platforms and systems out there.

The best way to get started is to start with WordPress. It´s the gold standard for websites and search engines like Google love it!

You need your website to do some key things for you, like:

  • Capture your audience´s attention within 5 seconds!
  • Have a great flow.
  • And because we are lightworkers, the site has to FEEL good. People will want to hang out there.

Lightworker´s WordPress Guide

WordPress Startup Guide

How to get started with WordPress the easy, clean and non-tech way.

The ultimate guide to creating your own professional and website that captures your audience.


Online Business Club for Lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs

Online Business Club

Community, inspiration and updates

Inspiration, tips and guides for spiritual entrepreneurs  growing their online business.


How to get started?

Most spiritual entrepreneurs find it difficult to pay $1200 – $2500 for a website developer when they are beginning their business. More importantly, in most cases as we are building our brand we are still discovering our style and how we want our site to feel.

Having your own hands in your design will make it feel like you rather than have someone develop what they think you want. In many cases, we are still developing it ourselves.

Are you ready to step out?

–  are you following the calling from your souls to help heal the world though your gifts and talents and what lights you up?

Let me help you learn how to create and maintain your own beautiful and personal, light-filled WordPress website.

Because I know you want to be in control of the energy on  your site.

Because I know you deserve an easy, professional website that will keep growing with you.

And because I know that you are probably overwhelmed (to some degree) about all the tech stuff around websites.

I am here to help you get your message out there.

Early Bird price

The course is scheduled to be ready with all 8 modules by the end of October. I add new modules as I create them.

You can get access now – as an Early Bird – and start your new website today. 

$ 299  $ 149

Create a personal website



My mission is to support people awakening, showing up and being heard. Lightworker Website Academy is the platform I created to give you the tools allowing you to rise and become visible online. Without overload, with ease, and with clarity.

My passion is to create beauty online, to spread light through the World Wide Web and to facilitate ease, joy and lightness in the process.

My strength as a website coach and mentor is to make complex things simple by showing you the way – step by step.

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Get ready for website creation IN 5 EASY STEPS

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