Custom WordPress Design

Website Angel Joyann Nielsen

I create your custom WordPress design

I usually do the whole thing, from planning the structure, choosing colors and fonts, adding plugins, apps, creating menus and other content elements.

When you work with me your website is in good hands, and I don´t hand over the keys to anyone else in the process.

Custom WordPress design and setup is based on individual needs, and every project is unique.

WordPress redesign

Is your website design and structure outdated? Do you want to keep your valuable content?

It is possible to change the whole design and structure without touching your copy, your images and your custom functions. Actually most sites need an updates look about once a year, since your business is growing AND website design trends are changing rapidly.

Feng Shui and your website

As a former Feng Shui consultant and therapist I am used to se and feel my way to the best soutions in every project and person, and I am trained to tune into the energy of a person, a business or a place.

I translate this experience to my website projects, focusing on harmony, good energy and balance, to make  your website magnetic and aesteticly pleasing. A website must have a personal energy that reflects the heart and soul of your business or project. I do this by the choice of colors, shapes, fonts, images and overall desigh of the site.

Be it colors and shapes, elements and apps, structure and navigation, fonts and headlines, overall feeling – everything has to be matching YOU, YOUR PRODUCTS, YOUR BENEFITS, YOUR MESSAGE TO THE WORLD.

How I work

Your website needs to be unique, right?

That why I take time to ask questions, to listen, to tune in and open the energy. I need to know who you are and what you stand for, on a deeper level. This makes creating your site so much easier.

My workdays are at my iMac in my roomy and beautiful study with great nature view, in our big house in the danish countryside. Sometimes I just sit on my couch and enjoy the view – this is where I open up to ideas for website projects. Creating a website makes me feel totally in flow, and I enjoy this process of opening up to recieve ideas and giving birth to a new home on the web.

I also love redesigning WordPress sites, I enjoy supporting my customers with whatever questions they might have, I love my job and I am so very grateful to be able to be of service in this way every day.

The Website Angel

My secret work title is “The Website Angel”. I often feel my spirit guides support me in my work, and I have a really wonderful web design guide, pouring ideas over me, whispering in my ear, sending me to inspiring sites, leading my hands and sprinkeling light and ideas over me.

My website projects are characterized by being simple, clear and sometimes colorful in a discreet manner and with simple, personal items which makes the design unique.

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