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Want to create a professional WordPress website?

  • Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur?
  • Are you overwhelmed by website choices?
  • Would you love to create your website yourself but need support?

Lightworker Website Academy is the place to be for you when you´re ready to take control over your online presence – and create a personal, customizable WordPress website.

Current WordPress courses

Lightworker´s WordPress Guide

WordPress Startup Guide

How to get started with WordPress.

The ultimate beginners guide to creating your own professional WordPress website.

In This Startup Guide I take you by the hand and show you step by step how to create a fundamental WordPress website.

This is the step you need to take before you start adding content and before you even think about custom design and themes.

Including how to get started with the Divi theme (optional).


Lightworker´s WordPress Guide

WordPress Basics

All you need to know about using WordPress (and nothing you don´t need). 

The indispensable guide to master your WordPress website on a daily basis.

Text editor tips, image sizes, graphics, blog settings, security and updates and more.

Including a unique Search Engine Optimization (SEO) guide that makes sense.

Use this course as a WordPress foundation - with ANY theme.

Online Business Club for Lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs

Divi Design Guides

To give you total freedom in your design show you how to use the Divi WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.

Design Your WordPress site gives you one of my ready-made Feng Shui Divi Child Themes. A Child Theme is an easy starting point, providing you with page layouts and settings to match the layout. 

From these Divi theme layouts I show you how to customize everything you want, to create your own totally unique website layout.

Calling all spiritual entrepreneurs and Lightworkers…….

My purpose is to help you create and maintain a professional and future-proof website.  I give you the tools, the confidence and the know-how to create a beautiful, personal, light-filled WordPress website – and to show you the way in the online jungle when:

  • You want to be in control of the energy on  your website.
  • You need a professional website that will keep growing with you.
  • You are probably overwhelmed (to some degree) about all the tech stuff around a WordPress website.

Search no more. These courses are made for you – even though you have no experience with creating a WordPress website and even when you think that you can´t do this by yourself…….

Becoming enthusiastic about building my website.

Even though I thought I would never be able to build my own website, I decided to start Joyann’s course. When I started I had been struggling with my website for half a year. Really wanting to build it myself but feeling quite hopeless about managing that. I just couldn’t make it work and making it look the way I wanted it to look. I wanted it to feel good and it didn’t.

Then I met Joyann and I felt she could help me so I started the course and I like it a lot! While working with the video’s in the course I found myself becoming more and more enthusiastic about building my website. I am gaining confidence and I am starting to feel more and more capable. I feel I can do this.

That is such a relief!

Marjon Bakker

How to get started with your WordPress website?

Most spiritual entrepreneurs find it difficult to pay for a website developer when they are beginning their business. More importantly, in most cases we are still discovering our style and how we want our site to feel. Having your own hands in your design will make it feel like you rather than have someone develop what they think you want.

The WordPress website courses

WordPress Startup Guide for Lightworkers will give you a beautiful WordPress theme and show you how to customize it to match your energy. And you´ll learn how to set it all up, from scratch (WordPress and your theme). The Startup Guide also includes the

WordPress Basics course. WordPress Basics for Spiritual Entrepreneurs will show you everything you need to know (and nothing you don´t ) about how to use and maintain your WordPress website. You can use the WordPress Basics course with ANY WordPress theme!!

Lightworker Website Academy is the place to look for guidance and know-how when you want to get your message out there – rooted in a personal and beautiful WordPress website.

Joyann’s WordPress guide is amazing!

The Awakened Professional - site created from WordPress Startup Guide I used to use WordPress but I was so confused as to which plugins I needed and which widgets. Thankfully I found Joyann! She knows what we need and takes the endless research time out of it.

I love the layout of my site now and I get so many compliments. It feels like me and I think my audience responds to that.

You will love this course.

Nicole Strychaz

The Awakened Professional

Create a personal website

that clearly reflects your message

About Joyann Nielsen

My mission is to support people awakening, showing up and being heard. Lightworker Website Academy is the platform I created to give you the tools allowing you to rise and become visible online. Without overload, with ease, and with clarity.

My passion is to create beauty online, to spread light through the World Wide Web and to facilitate ease, joy and lightness in the process. My strength as a website coach and mentor is to make complex things simple by showing you the way – step by step.

More about WordPress website guru Joyann Nielsen

About WordPress website guru Joyann Nielsen
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