WordPress Basics for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

All you need to know about maintaining your WordPress website

The WordPress Basics course will give you

  • A fundamental guide to how to use and maintain your WordPress website, including content tips and tricks, easy image editing, how to use the blog, how to keep your site light and user-friendly, search engine optimization and securing your site.
  • More tips to use the Divi Page Builder (You get a lot of Divi Builder experience in the WordPress Startup Guide too)
  • A walkthrough of how to set up MailChimp for your newsletter.

All set up as easy-to-follow video guides.

I have a Master’s in business, have read countless blog posts and watched too many videos to mention on Search Engine Optimization and I have to say I was still so confused!

Joyann’s video in her course WordPress Basics summed it up for me in a way that FINALLY made sense!

Having someone go through my specific WordPress theme and say “Here is what you put here, and here is what you put there” has made such a difference in the way I operate my site! I’ve been going back through and updating my pages so google will love me.

Thank you Joyann!!! You are such a help to those of us who love to connect to our site but are overwhelmed by the technology of it.

Nicole Strychaz

The Awakened Professional

Get lifetime access to the WordPress Basics course
– for only EUR 134 / DKK 998 / USD 166.33

Course modules

Each module contains a video series where I show you everything, step by step, right on the screen.

All you have to do is follow along, listen and watch – and repeat the steps on your own website.

Basics 1

Images and media files

All you need to know about handling your images and adding them to your site the best way.

How to avoid a heavy website.

Basics 2

Content and blog

Master your content: Text on pages, text modules and blog posts.

Including my on-page Search Engine Optimization guide and blog tips.

Basics 3

Maintain your site

This may not be your passion – but this is fundamental:

How to secure and maintain your precious work.

Who is the WordPress Basics course made for?

WordPress website owners

WordPress Basics can be used as an independent course if you already have a WordPress website, but miss the basic skills and understanding of how to use it.

NOTE: You don´t need the Divi theme or the Divi Page Builder to use the WordPress Basics course. It´s all fundamental WordPress knowledge, except the Divi Builder lessons.

Get lifetime access to the WordPress Basics course
– for only EUR 134 / DKK 998 / USD 166.33

(VAT/moms will be added to the price depending on your location).

If you have questions you are always welcome to send an email to joyann@lightworkerwebsite.academy and I´ll respond to you personally as soon as possible.


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