Joyann Nielsen

My strength as a website coach and mentor is to make complex things simple by showing you the way – step by step.

I am the voice, the face and the creator behind the tutorials, guides and courses in Lightworker Website Academy.

It is my mission to help lightworkers be able to create and manage their online presence.

It is my passion to help you create beauty online, to spread light through the World Wide Web and to facilitate ease, joy and lightness in the process.

Web Design background

My specialty as a Web Designer is personal designed WordPress websites that express the energy and the soul of your business or your project.

  • I follow my intuition and I can tune in to your energy – making your message shine through in the design
  • I am open, creative and flow is my primary mode of work
  • I have more than 10 years of experience with web apps, web design and online business
  • I help you become visible online
  • I demystify the tech part of WordPress and help you get going

“Joyann creates unique, beautiful WordPress websites AND you get mentoring from an attentive and experienced online

Website Angel Joyann Nielsen - WordPress lightworker websites

Website creation for lightworkers

I create WordPress websites through intuition, passion for good design and solid technical knowledge and experience.

I tune in to your energy and your dreams and embrace your personal wishes.

I listen and enter into a dialogue with you. The creation of a new website is a process that unfolds along the way and we keep going, until you are satisfied and it all feels right and good.  The design is chosen according to your wishes and needs and I can advise you, so you get what is optimal for your business and energy, in terms of both appearance and function.

I have extensive experience when it comes to the practical and technical aspects of WordPress, so I can work with codes, layout and structure as well as integration of various additions. I value service and support and you will always find that I listen to you and take the time to nurture your project, so you feel complete all the way around.

Since 2003 I have been totally passionate by websites and online communication, as I started creating a website for my Feng Shui consultant business. This passion only grew and from 2009 I have been a full time web designer.

My focus is design of simple, elegant, manageable and personal websites. Since 2007, WordPress been my favourite platform, and it just gets better and better.

My customers

My customers are courageous women with unique ideas, who choose to follow their heart and soul to shine their unique light to the world. Coaches, healers, artists, creative small business owners of many kinds. They help individuals, run workshops, create awesome products and life-changing courses.

They call me my Web Ninja, Website-Angel and web designer with world class intuition.

If you are on the path to follow your true calling, and want to make this passion your business, your work and your dream come true, you have come to the right web designer

It will be an honour for me to support you getting your ideas out there, so that you become visible and the people waiting for your energy can find you.

The personal contact with you, your unique history and your dreams will be translated into a website in a process where I tune in, listen and transform your ideas into a beautiful and personal home on the web.

You get a site that will make your ideal customers recognize you – and you will feel at home on you site as well.

Why I can help you

I have been a spiritual business owner since 1989, and for many years all I had was my inner knowing: I wanted to do what I did and I wanted the freedom of self-employment . I didn´t have any plan, I avoided sales and marketing, I only put client appointments in my calendar – never any business development, marketing steps or time to learn new skills – and my deep need for freedom and intuitive, flowing days kept me away from planning and structure.

I learned that structure is a great help and that my intuitive ideas need a solid earth to grow in. I also had some really great ideas around marketing and business, but I didn´t make these ideas come to life because I was too afraid of “being wrong”, of not being able to stand by my vision and I was comparing myself to others – putting myself down.

I know how to listen intuitively to the energy of a person, a business, a place and a website and I know how to release blocks and create flow.I have worked with personal development, intuitive business, online marketing and WordPress design for many years and I have experience, tools, ideas and I know how to listen to my intuition, my body and what is true in the moment.

I can help you grow your business, grow yourself and create a personal website that reflects your vision.

Personal life

Sharing life with my musician husband, Torben, since 1994. Tree sons , Jonas, born in 1982, Thomas, born in 1997 and Robert, born in 1999. Following my heart and my inner guidance, focusing on releasing whatever energy is blocking my flow. My core values in life are freedom, joy, natural nutrition, spirituality, nature, beauty and creating a love-based world from the inside out.


Education and training:

  • WordPress / online business study and practice: 2006 – ongoing
  • Divi Academy CSS course and Child Theme Course, Michelle Nunan , UK (online) 2017.
  • Work Your Light course and community, Rebecca Campbell UK (online) 2016
  • Divine Living Academy Coaching Certification & Business Training, Gina DeVee, USA 2016
  • Soul Body Fusion® practitioner, Denmark 2011
  • Energy & Essence Practitioner, Niia Jemina Bloch, Denmark 2010/11
  • Business millionairess Blueprint by Christine Eilvig and Kirsten Stendevad, Denmark, 2009
  • Multimedia Design, Aarhus Technical College 2009
  • ThetaHealing Intuitive Anatomy, Signe Fjord, Denmark 2007
  • Space Clearing,  Christan Hummel, USA (online)
  • Space Clearing at Joey Korn, USA, 2007
  • Feng Shui, Lillian Garnier Bridges, UK 2005
  • Web design, HTML, Dreamweaver and Photoshop, Public Data, Denmark 2004-2005
  • Neo Feng Shui, Neo Feng Shui Academy, Denmark 2003
  • Source breathwork, Binnie A. Dansby, USA/Denmark 1993 -97
  • Heartworks Massage & Bodywork, Sherman Dudoit, Hawaii, 1993-94
  • Ma-Uri massage with Hemi Fox, New Zealand, 1990-91
  • Kinesiology at Annie Bejart, Denmark, 1991
  • Reflexology, Health School, Denmark 1988