WordPress Startup Guide for Lightworkers

Create your own WordPress website with a beautiful Lightworker theme.

WordPress Startup Guide is an online WordPress and Divi course. You can join anytime and go through the course modules and lessons in your own time.

You will get instant and lifelong access to everything.

WordPress theme and step by step guide. 

  • In this course you´ll be guided step by step in how to start up with WordPress – the easiest way possible.
  • You get an one-click package, letting you add your theme, your plugins ane everything else you need, in a really easy way.
  • Everything is explained visually and verbally in easy to follow video guides, showing every step on the screen.
  • No requirements – and I speak a a non-tech language that you can understand.

Freedom of design with The Divi theme

To give you total freedom in your design I based the course on the Divi WordPress theme from Elegant Themes.

This is the Theme Platform I use for all my website projects, and it is one of the best WordPress page builder themes available.

When you sign up for the course, you choose one of my ready-made Feng Shui Divi Child Themes and this will be your website base. 

In The WordPress Startup Guide I show you step by step how to edit your Divi Child Theme. You can choose to edit a bit, some, or a lot, depending on your needs and drive.

Lightness Divi Child Theme from the WordPress Startup Guide by Joyann Nielsen

Lightness Divi Child Theme – one of the available themes for your WordPress Startup Guide

Becoming enthusiastic about my website

Even though I thought I would never be able to build my own website, I decided to start Joyann’s course.


Because I trusted Joyann and decided to challenge my thoughts.

When I started I had been struggling with my website for half a year. Really wanting to build it myself but feeling quite hopeless about managing that. I asked for help. That didn’t help.

I just couldn’t make it work and making it look the way I wanted it to look. I wanted it to feel good and it didn’t.
Then I met Joyann and I felt she could help me so I started the course and I like it a lot!

The video’s are very easy to follow. Doing it all step by step, guided by Joyann’s warm and gentle presence.

Some video’s are more challenging than others. Joyann highlights the more difficult parts and explains everything very clearly. She’s very supportive and sometimes she tells me to take a breath, relax and wait at exactly the right time 🙂

While working with the video’s I found myself becoming more and more enthusiastic about building my website. It started to feel like an adventure. I am gaining confidence and I am starting to feel more and more capable. I feel I can do this.

That is such a relief!

Marjon Bakker

Awakened Divi Child Theme from the WordPress Startup Guide by Joyann Nielsen

Awakened Divi Child Theme – one of the available themes for your WordPress Startup Guide

What you get in the WordPress Startup modules

  • A walkthrough of how to create a site, buy a domain, and how to host it.
  • A “sticky” site. Easily accessible social icons and newsletter opt ins.
  • A beautiful front page. Your welcome page is where you have just 5 seconds to capture your audience. It has to be to the point.
  • A predesigned Divi layout (Child Theme) – proven to offer great results. The flow and layout come from years of developing websites for successful spiritual businesses. As a beginner, it takes years to know how it should be set up and this is done for you.
  • A basic guide to use the Child Theme you choose, showing you how to move things around and add new content blocks to your pages, if you choose to. (It is set up in such a way that your only job can be to add content!).

What you get in the WordPress Basics modules

  • A fundamental guide to how to use and maintain your WordPress website,
  • Easy image editing
  • How to use the blog
  • Search engine optimization
  • Securing your site
  • More tips to use the Divi Page Builder

… and more

Seeker Divi Child Theme from the WordPress Startup Guide

Seeker Divi Child Theme – one of the available themes for your WordPress Startup Guide

The Awakened Professional - site created from WordPress Startup GuideJoyann’s course is amazing!

I used to use WordPress but I was so confused as to which plugins I needed and which widgets so I switched to Weebly. What I quickly discovered is that I couldn’t figure out how to do nice opt-in forms and make my site “sticky.”

Thankfully I found Joyann! She knows what we need and takes the endless research time out of it. I love the layout of my site now and I get so many compliments. It feels like me and I think my audience responds to that. You will love this course!

Nicole Strychaz

The Awakened Professional

Choose your Divi Child Theme

A Child Theme is a ready-made layout that you add to your theme.

In this case your theme is Divi, and you get a Divi Child Theme*

All you have to do is choose your preferred Child Theme and purchase the course. This will give you immediate access to the WordPress Startup Guide and WordPress Basics.

When you´re in there,  you can follow my step-by-step video guides to start your WordPress site, customize your theme and learn how to use your new, shining website.

Change all – or nothing at all – or just a few things

I the course I will guide you in how to change the images, colors and fonts in your Child Theme to match your brand.

And I´ll show you how to move stuff around, add new content elements and be creative with the pages – if you want to.

You can use the theme layout as it is and choose to just add your own images and your content and maybe change a color and move a few boxes around.

Or you can choose to use the Divi Child Theme layout as a startup inspiration – and from there you can change all parts of the page designs and redo the overall feeling on your website (colors, fonts and menu bar).

* You will need a licence to the Divi Theme from Elegant Themes to use the Child Theme and the course.

What you get in the

WordPress Startup Guide

Course modules

Each module contains 8-12 lessons. I show you how to do everything, step by step, right on the screen.

All you have to do is follow along, listen and watch, as you build your own website with me.

WordPress Startup modules

Each module contains 8-12 video lessons and all the info you need to take each step.

Startup 1:

WordPress and Divi

How to get your website set up with WordPress and the Divi theme. Web Host, domain name and Divi introduction.

Easy to follow for non-tech souls.

Startup 2:

Your Divi Child Theme

How to get started with your Website design and content package.

The easiest way EVER to start your WordPress site with a ready-made Child theme, plugins and settings.

Startup 3

Add your own style

How to edit the page designs that come with your Divi Child Theme and how to add content.

Detailed video lesson for each page layout in your specific theme + extra videos

WordPress Basics modules

Each module contains 8-12 video lessons and all the info you need to get to know WordPress.

Basics 1

Images and media files

All you need to know about handling your images and adding them to your site the best way.

How to avoid a heavy website.

Basics 2

Content and blog

Master your content: Text on pages, text modules and blog posts.

Including my on-page Search Engine Optimization guide and blog tips.

Basics 3

Maintain your site

This may not be your passion – but this is fundamental:

How to secure and maintain your precious work.

Practical course setup

WordPress Startup Guide for Lightworkers is an online course.

When you sign up for the course you get instant access to all modules. You receive an email with a login to the course. This login is personal, and you can use it from any online media: Computer, tablet or smartphone.

You have access to the content for as long as it is online. You can download everything to your own computer to get offline access. We have a membership forum where you can ask questions, share your site and get to know other participants.

If you have questions you are always welcome to send an email to joyann@lightworkerwebsite.academy and I´ll respond to you personally as soon as possible.

Get lifetime access to the WordPress Startup Guide – including WordPress Basics
– for only EUR 332 / DKK 2.470 / USD 414

(VAT/moms will be added to the price depending on your location).

(A professonal WordPress website with a personal Divi design would cost you at least $1600. – and with this course you can create more sites and you can edit and maintain your pages) 

Safe enrollment

I offer a full 7 days refund if you change your mind. Just follow the instructions given, and I will remove your access and refund your course fee, no questions asked.

Available upgrades

  • 2x1 hour mentoring call with Joyann
  • Advanced styling module
  • How to sell your products

Mentoring calls are available now. Advanced styling, products and more will be available later in 2018.

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